Terms & Conditions

Effective as of july 07 , 2022

Certainly, I’ve simplified the content for an “easy reader” mode:

Terms for Using Our Site

Who are we?

When we say “The Company”, “We”, “Our”, or “Us”, we’re talking about our business.
The words “Party”, “Parties”, or “Us” can mean both you, the user, and our company.

What are we about?

We provide services to you according to the laws of the Netherlands. We’ll use various terms, but they all mean pretty much the same thing.


We use cookies on our site, “organicjunkiez”. If you visit our site, you’re saying you’re okay with our cookie use.

Our Content

Everything you see on “organicjunkiez” is owned by us or those we’ve given rights to. Please only use our site for personal viewing.
Don’t take, sell, or share our content without permission.

Your Comments

You can comment on our site, but we don’t check all comments before they’re public.
You’re responsible for what you say in your comments.
By commenting, you’re letting us use or change your comments however we like.

Linking to Us

Some groups, like government agencies or news sites, can link to us without asking first.
Others need to email us and wait about 2-3 weeks for an answer.
If you get the okay, you can link using our name or web address, but you can’t use our logo unless we’ve agreed.


Don’t put our pages inside frames on other sites without our permission.

Our Content on Your Site

We’re not responsible for issues that come from our content showing on your site.

Your Privacy

We care about your privacy. Check out our Privacy Policy for details.

Changes and Requests

We might ask you to remove links to our site. If we do, please do it quickly.
We might change these rules. If you keep using our site, that means you agree with any changes.

Offensive Links

Sure, let’s continue simplifying the content:

Protecting Your Data

We want you to feel safe with us. Make sure you read how we protect your data in our Privacy Policy.

Our Rights

We can change things up. If we ask you to take down links to our site, you should do it right away.
We might change our terms or linking rules. If you still visit our site after changes, it means you’re okay with the new rules.

Links on Our Site

If you spot a link on our website that seems wrong or offends you, please tell us.

Staying in Touch

Sometimes we might want to reach out or make changes. By using our site, you agree to stay updated and check our terms regularly.

Getting Permission

If you want to use something from our site in a special way, always ask us first. We value our content and want to make sure it’s used properly.


Let’s keep things friendly. If something on our site bothers you, reach out and we’ll take a look. But always be respectful.


Got questions about how to use our site or what’s allowed? Just get in touch. We’re here to help and want to make your experience a good one.