🌟 Ice Caps Moonrocks (Grape Skunk)


🌟 Ice Caps Moonrocks: A Potent Cannabis Concentrate 🌟
Ice Caps Moonrocks are a type of cannabis concentrate that is made using the moon rocks method. Here are some key facts about this ultra-potent product:
Ice Caps Moonrocks are a combination of three potent strains – Girl Scout Cookies, Gelato 33, and Blueberry.
They are coated with THC oil and sprinkled with kief to create a small, dense bud that is packed with THC and other cannabinoids.
Ice Caps Moonrocks have a frosty, moon-like texture that is irresistible to many consumers.
They are typically coated with ice crystals, usually with a yellow tint, and are more expensive than regular cannabis products.
They can contain up to 89% THC or more, making them one of the strongest forms of cannabis available on the market today.
Ice Caps Moonrocks are also known as “caviar weed”.
They are sold in airtight containers and should be handled with care due to their high potency levels.
It is best not to consume more than one or two at a time.
Ice Caps Moonrocks have gained popularity recently due to their high potency levels and frosty, moon-like texture. However, they should be consumed with caution due to their strength.

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