Biscotti Runtz



Biscotti Runtz is a hybrid cannabis strain that is a cross between the Biscotti and Runtz strains.

## Biscotti Lineage
– Biscotti is an indica-dominant hybrid, reported to be a cross between Gelato 25 and Sour Florida OG or Motorbreath x G41.
– It is known for its sweet cookie-like flavor with undertones of diesel, and relaxing yet cerebral effects.
– Biscotti has a THC level around 21% and is used to treat anxiety, stress, and depression.

## Runtz Lineage
– Runtz is a hybrid strain created by crossing Gelato and Zkittlez strains.
– It has a sweet candy-like flavor profile with notes of citrus and berries.
– Runtz delivers an uplifting and euphoric high combined with relaxing indica effects.

## Biscotti Runtz Characteristics
– Aroma/Flavor: Sweet, cookie-like with notes of citrus, berries, and candy from the parent strains.
– Effects: Likely a relaxing full-body indica high with cerebral euphoria from the hybrid effects
– THC Content: Potentially high, inherited from the potent parent strains.
– Appearance: Purple, green, and orange hues based on images.

So in essence, Biscotti Runtz combines the sweet cookie flavors of Biscotti with the fruity candy notes of Runtz, delivering a relaxing yet euphoric hybrid experience from its indica-leaning and balanced hybrid parent strains[1][2][4][5]. Its unique terpene profile and potentially high THC content make it a flavorful and potent strain.


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