FRYD EXTRACTS x Donuts Collab


Fryd Extracts x Donuts Disposable is a new 2 gram disposable vape pen that combines cannabis concentrates with donut-inspired flavors. Here are the key details:

## Fryd Extracts x Donuts Disposable

– Contains 2 grams of premium THC concentrate made from a blend of cannabis oil, liquid diamonds, and live resin for high potency and flavor.

– Features donut-inspired flavors like Blueberry Frosting, Fruity Pebbles, Grape Jelly, Apple Fritter, Strawberry Glaze, and more.

– THC potency ranges from 85-91%.

– Disposable pen has a rechargeable Type-C port for convenience.

– Designed through a collaboration between Fryd Extracts and the Donuts brand

– Combines the flavors of strawberry and apple for a robust indica-like taste profilE.

– Available in 5-pack and 50-pack boxes.

## Ingredients

– Cannabis Oil
– Liquid Diamonds
– Live Resin
– Natural and Artificial Flavors

So in summary, the Fryd Extracts x Donuts Disposable is a high-potency 2g disposable vape pen infused with donut-inspired flavors, made through a collaboration between the two brands using premium cannabis concentrates like live resin and liquid diamonds.


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