Ice Cream


The Ice Cream strain is a potent and flavorful indica-dominant hybrid cannabis variety that offers users a balanced and enjoyable experience. Here’s a comprehensive product description:

Genetic Lineage:
Ice Cream is the result of careful breeding by Paradise Seeds, combining White Widow, Bubble Gum, and Californian Skunk. This genetic mix creates a 60% indica and 40% sativa hybrid.

Ice Cream buds are visually striking, featuring a palette of light green and purple hues. The flowers are densely coated with icy trichomes, giving them a crystalline, frosty appearance that reflects the strain’s name.

Aroma and Flavor Profile:
True to its name, Ice Cream offers a creamy, sweet flavor profile with distinct notes of vanilla and sugary dough However, it also incorporates a complex blend of earthy, skunky undertones, creating a unique combination of dessert-like sweetness and traditional cannabis pungency.

Ice Cream boasts a high THC content, typically ranging from 19% to 22%, with an average of around 18%. This places it in the medium to high potency bracket among cannabis strains. Notably, it contains no CBD, focusing its effects entirely on THC-driven experiences

Users report a well-balanced high that begins with an uplifting, euphoric sensation, often accompanied by a boost in creativity As the experience progresses, it transitions into a deeply relaxing body buzz, making it suitable for both social situations and relaxation. The strain is known for its ability to induce a sense of calm and stress relief without causing overwhelming sedation.

Medical Applications:
Ice Cream is reported to be effective in managing various conditions, including anxiety, stress, and pain. Its balanced effects make it a versatile choice for medical cannabis patients seeking relief without excessive drowsiness.

Ice Cream plants tend to grow to a medium-tall height and can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. The flowering time is typically 8-9 weeks, with plants offering a large yield This strain is suitable for intermediate to advanced growers.

Overall, Ice Cream is a flavorful and potent strain that offers a unique combination of sweet, creamy tastes with classic cannabis notes. Its balanced effects make it suitable for various uses, from creative pursuits to relaxation and stress relief. The strain’s high THC content and complex terpene profile contribute to its popularity among both recreational users and medical cannabis patients.


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