Kaws Cake Edition Moonrocks


Kaws Cake Edition Moonrocks are a premium and highly potent cannabis product that combines high-quality flower buds, hash oil concentrate, and a coating of kief. Here are the key details:

## Kaws Cake Edition Moonrocks

– Made from top-shelf cannabis flower buds that are dipped or rolled in a high-quality hash oil or THC concentrate.

– The concentrate-coated buds are then rolled in a layer of potent kief (trichomes) for an additional kick of THC and terpenes.

– Offered in various “cake” flavors or strains like Lemon Pound Cake, Cake Frosting, Kush Cake, Space Cake, Biscotti, Sherb Cake, etc.

– Extremely high THC potency, designed to deliver an intense and long-lasting high for experienced cannabis users.

– Premium and exclusive product marketed as redefining the cannabis experience with its powerful effects.

– Typically sold in 1oz (28g) quantities at premium prices around $1,600-$2,000.

So in essence, Kaws Cake Edition Moonrocks are a luxury, artisanal cannabis product where top-shelf flower is infused with hash oil and then coated in kief, creating an ultra-potent experience with unique cake-inspired flavor profiles. They are marketed towards seasoned consumers seeking an elevated, intense high.


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