Mellow Fellow Delta 9 800mg Edibles Watermelon Rings Jars


  • Delta 9 Watermelon Rings

    [POP contains 6 Units]

    If you’re looking for an unbeatable gummy snack that packs a punch, look no further than Mellow Fellow’s Watermelon D9 Rings. These tasty treats are a true delight; the perfect combination of sweet, juicy watermelon flavor paired with a powerful blast of Delta 9 THC. Both potent and packed with flavor, our new Delta 9 Watermelon rings are as sweet as they sound.

    • Gummy rings Per Pack: 20 pcs
    • Total THC Content: 400mg
    • Total CBD Content: 400mg
    • D9 Content Per Gummy: 20mg
    • CBD Content Per Gummy: 20mg
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