Mellow Fellow Live Resin Desire Blend 4ml Disposable Vape Maui Wowie


Desire Blend (Maui Wowie) – 4ml Live Resin Disposable Vape – Vol. 2

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    • HHC, Delta 8, Delta 11, CBD, CBG, THCh


  • Are you looking for a tropical live resin disposable that’s so delicious that it’ll take you to the sandy shores of Hawaii? This disposable vape has 4ml of premium cannabinoid oil and terpenes that will do just that. PhD pharmacist-formulated with the strain Maui Wowie, it has an amazing tropical pineapple flavor. Take this live resin vape for a perfect day at the beach, or a nice evening in. Get our sensual Desire blend today, and experience its passionately euphoric effects today.

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