Oreoz Cookiez


Oreo Cookies (also known as Oreoz or Oreos) is a potent hybrid cannabis strain that is a cross between Cookies and Cream and Secret Weapon strains.

## Strain Profile

– Genetics: Cookies and Cream x Secret Weapon
– Type: Hybrid, indica-dominant (around 70% indica/30% sativa
– THC Content: Typically ranges from 26-33% THC
– CBD Content: Around 0.1-1% CBD

Aroma and Flavor
– Sweet, creamy aroma reminiscent of Oreo cookies or campfire s’mores
– Flavors of chocolate, vanilla, diesel, and earthy notes

– Induces a euphoric cerebral high and uplifting effects initially
– Followed by deep body relaxation, sedation, and couch-lock
– May increase appetite and cause “the munchies”
– Useful for reducing stress, insomnia, nausea, and lack of appetite

## Appearance
– Dense, lumpy buds with shades of green and purple
– Covered in amber pistils and a thick frosty trichome coated

The Oreo Cookies strain is praised for its delectable dessert-like flavor profile blending sweet creamy notes with hints of chocolate, vanilla, and earthy undertones. Its potent effects deliver an initial cerebral euphoria coupled with relaxing full-body indica effects, making it a potentially sedating strain. With THC levels reaching up to 33%, the Oreo Cookies strain is a heavy-hitter best suited for experienced cannabis consumers.


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