White Caviar Crumble


White Caviar Crumble is a type of cannabis concentrate known for its unique texture and high potency. It is a form of cannabis extract that is produced using a solvent, and it is characterized by its crumbly texture. The “white” in its name typically refers to its color, which can range from a near-pure white to a light golden hue. This concentrate is often made from high-quality cannabis strains and is known for its potent effects.

For example, Summit Boys’ Scotts OG Caviar Crumble is described as having a near-pure white color and great texture, with an OG-forward concentrate that is popular among consumers[1]. Additionally, White 99 Crumble is known to provide uplifting and happy effects, with a fresh and bright flavor profile[3][4].

Crumble, including White Caviar Crumble, can be consumed on its own or combined with flower in a variety of ways. It is often favored for its potency and versatility, offering a convenient option for cannabis consumers seeking concentrated effects[5].

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