CBG Demystified: The Essential Guide to Understanding the ‘Mother’ Cannabinoid

The Wonderful World of CBG: The Precursor Cannabinoid


CBG, or cannabigerol, might not be as commonly recognized as CBD, but it plays a pivotal role in the world of phytocannabinoids. Not only is CBG an integral precursor to several other phytocannabinoids like CBD, CBN, and CBC, but recent studies suggest its own distinct benefits.

The Origins of CBG

Discovered in 1964, CBG was long considered a minor cannabinoid due to its low levels in the hemp plant. However, its status is rapidly evolving, thanks to recent revelations about its potentially beneficial properties. Importantly, CBG is non-intoxicating, so it doesn’t produce a “high.”

Understanding CBG’s Role

CBG is instrumental in the formation of CBD and CBC within the hemp plant. Though they’re all phytocannabinoids, each has unique chemical structures and effects. Most phytocannabinoids, including CBG, enhance our endocannabinoid production by engaging with our endocannabinoid system (ECS), mainly the CB1 and CB2 receptors.

How CBG Interacts with the Body

While CB1 receptors are predominantly in our central nervous system and spinal cord, CB2 receptors are majorly in our organs and immune system. Research indicates a strong interaction between CBG and both types of receptors, hinting at its potential in regulating various bodily functions. In fact, CBG might be unique in its interaction with several receptor sites outside the ECS.

Potential Benefits of CBG

Everyday Anxiety and Stress: Preliminary animal studies indicate that CBG might help in moderating everyday anxiety and stress, potentially by influencing the GABA brain chemical.

Uplifting Mood: Animal behavior studies hint at CBG’s potential for mood elevation.

Using CBG

With advancements in science and manufacturing, the availability of CBG-rich hemp extracts is on the rise. CBG oils allow for flexibility in dosage, letting users adjust according to their body’s response.

CBG: Experience and Duration

Much like CBD, the effects of CBG can vary based on various factors. Supplements like Charlotte’s Web™ aim to work naturally with the body, promoting gradual improvements.


While the research on CBG has been historically challenging due to its limited availability in the hemp plant, the tides are changing. Even though the studies have been on isolated cells or lab animals, the results are promising. The phytocannabinoid world is vast, and CBG is beginning to shine brightly within it. It’s clear that more research is required, especially with human subjects, to fully understand CBG’s potential and its harmonious work with other cannabinoids. As always, full-spectrum hemp extracts remain our top recommendation due to the comprehensive benefits they offer.


CBG and CB1 Receptor Interaction
CBG and Various Body Receptor Sites

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